Volunteers in Kartlosi ESC Erasmus+

მეგობრობის ხიდი ქართლოსი | BRIDGE OF FRIENDSHIP KARTLOSI

Volunteers in Kartlosi ESC Erasmus+

March 11, 2020 Uncategorized 0

Hello! We are Luiza and Kasia. We are volunteers in Gori, a charming city in Georgia. Probably not many of you have heard, but this is the place where Joseph Stalin was born. Therefore, you will not be surprised that in the whole city you can buy souvenirs about him, the locals even organize a parade in his honor in the third week of December.

Spring has already arrived in Georgia, we can enjoy the beautiful sunny, cloudless sky and the sun, which makes everything around it green. But this does not mean that there is no snow here, in the high parts of the mountains you can still enjoy the winter climate that we took advantage of when skiing to the village which name is Bakuriani. In our organization Bridge of Friendship Kartlosi we deal with, among others office work – we translate, help office employees in their daily activities. As for our activities – we run Polish language classes at the university that are very popular among students. We also conducted English classes for children from a nearby kindergarten. We organize educational classes for children from the nearby villages of Skra and Berbuki, these are places where resettled families live. We also showed the local children what a carnival ball was, at which we explained his ideas, prepared masks and games. We also helped refurbish the rooms where the classes are currently held as part of the Art Therapy project. With the help of organization employees and other volunteers, we were able to create friendly play areas. In mid-March we will also begin a weekly series of lectures in which we will discuss topics related to conflicts, culture or the Erasmus + program. We still have heads full of ideas and hope that we will be able to implement them together in the coming months. We think about the organization of events, city games, trainings and lectures

We also participated in on-arrival training in Bakuriani. We met many volunteers there, also from Poland, but first of all we expanded our network of contacts not only to the whole of Georgia, but also to Armenia and Azerbaijan. It was a great experience that allowed us to meet many new friends, eat Georgian Supra, visit a new corner of the country, and set goals for next months.

As for our team, both in the office and at home it is an international „mix”. Earlier, we lived with Marco and Martine, who come from Italy, but they finished their projects in December. Now we have the opportunity to live with Cemre, who is Turkish and with Chris from the Netherlands. In recent days a second volunteer from Holnadia-Relle joined us and soon a third volunteer from Poland will come, which we are looking forward to.

In our free time we use the charms of Georgia, drink Georgian wine, eat plenty of Georgian food (which is delicious) and get to know the culture and inhabitants of this wonderful country.

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