მეგობრობის ხიდი ქართლოსი | BRIDGE OF FRIENDSHIP KARTLOSI

Mission of the Bridge of Friendship – Kartlosi is confidence building and promotion of peaceful
dialogue between conflict-affected sides, at local and international levels.
Increase of youth involvement in the country’s European integration processes through informal
education and establishment of democracy and peace culture.
In addition, promotion of sustainable development and democratization of local communities
through active involvement from citizens; raising their awareness and advocacy.
We attempt to promote building of peace processes in the region; to support local civil society; to
assist them in the development of their professional potential and to empower youth involvement in
local life.
Bridge of Friendship Kartlosi strives towards becoming a powerful expert organization, which is
able to significantly contribute to the agenda of democratization, peace building and conflicts
management and settlement at local level and throughout the country. Organization strives towards
the formation of such society in which:
– As result of promotion of confidence building between conflict-affected communities, there already
are constructive relationships between local population living at different sides of the ABL;
– Access to healthcare and other social types of programs is ensured and population of both
communities freely receives the service;
– Personal security of conflict zone population is protected;
– Citizens are actively involved in the local community sustainable development and democratization
– Youth have conflict settlement and negotiation techniques and are actively involved in the peace
processes through dialogue;
– Youth are involved in the European integration process. From European colleagues they learn and
gain experience in view of involvement in public life;
– There is democratic management in Georgian schools; there is a really active student self-
governance in schools and students are involved in the school management and decision making