Ilona Gogadze

მეგობრობის ხიდი ქართლოსი | BRIDGE OF FRIENDSHIP KARTLOSI

Initially, since 2014, Ilona Gogadze was an active volunteer working with the Bridge of
Friendship Kartlosi; she also led the Group of Kartlosi Supporters and was actively involved in
Kartlosi’s youth programs.
In 2017 she became Coordinator of Erasmus+ exchange programs at Kartlosi.
In 2016 she graduated from Gori Public School #3 and continued studying at the Georgian
University, Faculty of International Relations.
She is actively involved and has many certificates in informal education sphere, both at local
and international levels.
For her important are raising youth awareness and their activation in civil society life, as she
believes that they are the ones creating future and after peace.
Ilona is a charismatic person who is always ready for striving towards innovations; likes to be a
leader, which is well reflected in her character.
From Ilona’s personal features especially important is her high sense of responsibility and