Anna Jebisashvili

მეგობრობის ხიდი ქართლოსი | BRIDGE OF FRIENDSHIP KARTLOSI

Anna Jebisashvili has been working in the Organization since April 2017. She supervises
Kartlosi Projects that are aimed at empowerment of the role of the European Union and
International Institutions in Georgia. Specifically she supervises the Erasmus+ exchange
programs in the Organization.
She is also very actively involved in the search funds for the Organization.
Anna is the specialist of English language with the qualification of the senior teacher of English
language and literature.
Anna received her MBA degree at Ilia Chavchavadze State University. She is experienced in
working in public sector. For several years she worked at Gori, Kaspi, Kareli and Khashuri
Governor’s Administration as a senior specialist. During 2010-2011 she worked as translator-
interpreter at the David Agmashenebeli Defense Academy Doctrine Preparation Department.
During 2012-2016 she was Secretary of the #32 District Election Commission of the Central
Election Commission of Georgia.
She has taken part in different international conferences and trainings.
Her hobbies are reading, swimming and travel.