About Us

მეგობრობის ხიდი ქართლოსი | BRIDGE OF FRIENDSHIP KARTLOSI

Public Union Bridge of Friendship Kartlosi was founded on May 12, 2006 by Georgian and
Ossetian youth’s joint initiative. On June 19, 2006, Bridge of Friendship Kartlosi was officially
registered by the Ministry of Justice of Georgia. Registration number of the Organization is -01305/05/0055.

Since the day of founding in 2006, Organization representatives actively take part in the civil
dialogue and negotiations with the other side of the conflict. After August 2008 war,
Organization members had to leave their houses and to live in different IDP settlements. They
have all personally suffered the losses and stressed caused by the war; still, thanks to high level
of self-organization, during those grave days they managed to put themselves together and help
different groups that have suffered from the war. Moreover, based on the experience of the
Organization, the Coalition for IDPs Rights was formed, which united NGOs in-exile in order to
provide better targeted and organized assistance to IDPs and to monitor programs aimed at
During 13 years of operation the Organization has implemented over 200 projects; international
conferences, events, advocacy campaigns, humanitarian actions, peace initiatives, educational
projects, exchange programs, summer camps and other activities through help from following
foundations: Open Society – Georgia; Women’s Fund in Georgia; Embassy of Germany in
Georgia; Embassy of Switzerland in Georgia; International Humanitarian Organization GENEVA
CALL; the World Bank; CARE; Polish-American Freedom Foundation; Foreign Ministry of
Poland; Foreign Ministry of Holland; UNDP; COBERM; Black Sea Region Program; EED; NDI; 
People in Need.
By support from the Organization, in the region have been founded up to fifteen local
organizations; several strong networks and coalitions have been created, including: Regional
Network of Volunteers; Coalition for IDPs Rights; Coalition for Women Political Involvement;
Coalition for School Democracy.
For many years Organization has successfully been working in the following directions:
Informal Education– Organizes trainings, workshops, internships throughout Georgia in the
field of informal education, which promotes development of professional skills in youth for
having successful future carriers – communication/negotiations skills; art of debates; critical
thinking; leadership. By involvement from the youth we implement educational events dedicated
to peace, non-violence, democracy, human rights, gender equality.
Awareness raising campaigns – Raising public awareness on security, civil defense, domestic
violence, human rights violation and other different essential issues.